We are the federation that represents the whole of the industry and audiovisual production in Spain. That is grouped through different regional and provincial business associations of the sector, regardless of their location, size or field in which they carry out their activity, they can have a Unique voice capable of influencing the policies or dynamics that regulate the sector from the national and European level.

 The fact of being a single organization made up of a group of expert groups from the audiovisual entertainment sector, equating the whole of Spain, allows it to have a remarkable representation, while providing itself with a singular muscle, to obtain more resources and face their goals.  

Board of directors

The Federation of the Audiovisual and Events Industry (FIAVE) is made up of provincial, regional and national associations of the audiovisual and events sector. All affiliates, regardless of their size and specialty, deserve our same respect, and have the same decision-making power.

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Frequently asked questions

The Federation of the Audiovisual and Events Industry (FIAVE) emerged at the beginning of 2020, due to the spread of the coronavirus and the subsequent cessation of activities in our sector. 

This serious context evidenced, once again, the invisibility of our companies, essential for the development of all kinds of events, as well as the tremendous fragility and lack of structuring of the sector. Our work is essential so that culture, leisure and event tourism are carried out with the necessary resources and audiovisual technology, providing the added value of the excellence of the services offered by companies and professionals in our country.

Our sector has many important shortcomings. For this reason, a federation of the sector is urgently needed, for a long time. Since the arrival of COVID-19, however, the situation is even more pressing. The lack of specific regulation has placed us in a very critical, sometimes desperate situation, both when it comes to claiming aid and specific incentives. 

While other sectors enjoyed a visible, stable, cohesive organization with the capacity to react, which has benefited them, the pandemic has shown that we did not even have minimal established bases. To face the neglect of public administrations, and the invisibility of our sector, it is essential to add complicities.

The Federation of the Audiovisual and Events Industry (FIAVE) is the tool to be heard and that, once and for all, we are taken into account. Its existence and its proactive activity facilitates the presence of the sector and gives it the necessary legitimacy to negotiate better conditions.

One of the fundamental pillars that our industry needs to achieve is the national sectorial collective agreement, which regulates once and for all the provision of our services in decent conditions, both for employers and workers, eliminating the existing uncertainties and gaps (in terms of to professional classification systems, days, schedules, etc.).  

On the other hand, the sectoral agreement must be the necessary and mandatory source for all, which allows eliminating unfair competition practices, which currently continue to cause enormous business losses and worrying precariousness, both in the working conditions of personnel due to an employee as well as self-employed professionals in the sector.  

Another issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible is the creation of a specific classification in the CNAE, which is that of our sector of activity.

On the other hand, it is obvious that the cohesion of all the national associations in this sector facilitates the presence and grants the necessary legitimacy to negotiate specific conditions of any kind before the different public administrations.

The Federation of the Audiovisual and Events Industry (FIAVE) represents an extraordinary opportunity to make visible our role in the production and organization of shows and events. Not only will we work tirelessly so that our proposals, which benefit the sector, are addressed, but we will also cover the initiatives of our affiliates that contribute to reflecting on and making the situation in which we are immersed known.