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Federación de la Industria Audiovisual y Eventos that combine different regional and national business associations in the production sector of all kinds of events in Spain. 

We are a combination of complicities from entities and companies of every size, location and specialty. This includes renting, supply and installation of professional sound, light and audiovisual equipment, services for events, etc.

FIAVE (Spanish acronym for Federación de la Industria Audiovisual y Eventos, Federation of Audiovisual Industry and Events) is born with the goal of becoming a loudspeaker and a useful tool that centralizes the claims of different companies and associations of the event production industry in Spain.

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Who we are


We are the federation that represents the whole of the industry and audiovisual production in Spain. That is grouped through different regional and provincial business associations of the sector, regardless of their location, size or field in which they carry out their activity, they can have a single voice capable of influencing the policies or dynamics that regulate the sector from the national level and European. 

 The fact of being a single organization made up of a group of expert groups from the audiovisual entertainment sector, equating the whole of Spain, allows it to have a remarkable representation, while providing itself with a singular muscle, to obtain more resources and face your goals.  


Board of Directors

The Federación de la Industria Audiovisual y Eventos (FIAVE) comprises local, regional and national associations of the audiovisual and events industry. All members, without regard to their size or their specialty, deserve our same respect, and have the same decision-making capacity.  


Today, FIAVE’s board if composed by: 

Francisco Bustamante León

Carlos Garcia


Pere Albiñana ( APAC )

Pepe Gonzalez ( UEPEMUR )

Juanjo Vila ( AFIAL )

Roberto Chenel ( APROAV )

Jose Mº Segui ( AESAV )

General Secretary

Begoña Cordero (General Secretariat)  secretaria@fiave.es

Sara Sola (Marketing & Communication)  fiave@fiave.es

Concepción Sánchez (Administration)  administracion@fiave.es


The following associations are already members of FIAVE:


United we stand, divided we fall. There are many reasons for dignifying our sector, and experience shows that we will only achieve our purposes with one united voice that will be able to influence the policies and dynamics that regulate the industry from a national and European scope.  

The coronavirus global pandemic has worsened the situation. But let’s take this crisis and make, from this adverse context, an opportunity. Let’s get together to strengthen our presence in the media and, in the end, to achieve the improvements our sector deserves for many decades now. This is an issue that has already been discussed by industry professionals in meetings and reunions. But now the time has come to move to action! 

Our proposals

The entertainment industry, joins to request the government to adopt measures that calculate the survival of the sector

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The Federación de la Industria Audiovisual y Eventos (FIAVE) was established early 2020, as a result of the coronavirus spread and the subsequent standstill in our sector. 

This serious context revealed, once again, the invisibility of our companies - which are essential for developing any kind of events - as well as the tremendous fragility and lack of structure of the industry. Our work is paramount so that culture, leisure and events tourism are carried out with the required resources and the required audiovisual technology, providing the services the added value of the excellent services offered by Spanish companies and professionals.

Our industry has many and relevant weaknesses. For this reason, a sector federation was a long overdue. But since COVID-19 is here, the juncture is even more pressing. The lack of a specific regulation has positioned us in a critical situation, sometimes close to despair, when demanding subsidies or specific incentives.  

While other sectors have enjoyed a visible, stable, cohesive and able to respond organization, which has benefited them greatly, the pandemic has revealed that we, on the contrary, didn’t even have well-settled foundations. Therefore, in order to face public administrations oblivion and our sector’s invisibility, it is imperative to strengthen some affinities. 

La Federación de la Industria Audiovisual y Eventos (FIAVE) es la herramienta para ser escuchados y que, de una vez por todas, se nos tenga en cuenta. Su existencia y su actividad proactiva facilita la presencia del sector y le otorga la legitimidad necesaria para negociar unas mejores condiciones. 

One of the key pillars our industry needs is a nationwide sectoral collective agreement that regulates, all at once, the provision of our services in acceptable conditions, both for employers and employees, without existing uncertainties and gaps (in regard to professional rating systems, working days, office hours, etc.).  

On the other hand, the sectoral agreement must be the mandatory required source that allows to eliminate unfair competition practices. The latter keep currently causing huge business losses, as well as precarity of the working conditions of employees and freelance professionals in the industry.  

Another question that needs to be solved as soon as possible is the establishment of a specific ranking in the CNAE for our activity sector. 

Moreover, it is quite obvious that the cohesion of every national association of the industry enables the presence and bestows the required legitimacy in order to negotiate specific conditions, of any kind, before the different public administrations. 

La Federación de la Industria Audiovisual y Eventos (FIAVE) representa una oportunidad extraordinaria para visibilizar nuestro rol en la producción y organización de espectáculos y eventos. No solamente trabajaremos incansablemente para que se atiendan nuestras propuestas, que benefician al sector, sino que además daremos cobertura de las iniciativas de nuestros afiliados que contribuyan a reflexionar y dar a conocer la situación en la que estamos inmersos.


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